M201 - Sahara evidence / évidente

The M201 Sahara model had a directable spot lamp mounted on the windshield attached by a bracket welded to the windshield frame.

If the windscreen frame on your M201 includes one of these curious brackets then the windscreen once belonged to a M201 Sahara model. (photo - Steve Carr)

The circuit diagram given in MAT 3541 shows that the switches for both the spotlight and the windscreen wiper motor were mounted on the windshield itself, a neat trick in that the standard set of single contacts could be used. Note also switch 'K' for the electric fuel pump.

Before you get too excited about discovering the bracket on your M201, the majority of Sahara jeeps were converted to other uses when no longer required for use in North Africa and most have also been subsequently rebuilt. As part of the La Maltournée rebuilding process windscreens inevitably ended up mounted on the body of a different jeep so the presence of a Sahara windscreen does not necessarily indicate a Sahara origin for the whole jeep.


  Holes used to mount the switch can be seen in the photo opposite though these holes would have been welded over whenever a windshield was refurbished at La Maltournée. The very rare example opposite is from the 6volt Sahara belonging to Emile de Tarbes. The jeep was not rebuilt by the army and was purchased by his father in 1965.

Look carefully and you can see where the wire from the electrical contact unit has been joined directly to the wire to the windscreen wiper motor and taped up to by-pass the switch unit that was obviously removed along with the spot lamp at some point.

It is hardly surprising that, having such a rare jeep, Emile has been collecting parts to restore his Sahara to its former glory.

The original spot lamp is very hard to find even in France but if your jeep has an ex-Sahara windshield and you have the welding skills then it is possible to add one that will look the part even if it is not exactly authentic as the photos below show.

Original Sahara lamp (above) Sorry but I can't recall who sent me the photos opposite.

If you are thinking of making a bracket then the dimensions (also supplied by Steve Carr) are given below.

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Dimensions are in imperial (inches)