Alas the M.V.T. national show at Kemble airfield is no more. I won't pass comment on the committee's decision to change the show's traditional date to the bank holiday in August which meant that I for one was unable to make it in 2009 as it clashed with my annual family holiday.

It was a shame as I had been a regular attendee since the days of the Berkley Castle venue but judging by the reported turnout it appears that I was not the only one to be affected in this way.

Having had so many good times at the show it seemed fitting to dig out a few photos of the French contingent at Kemble over the years.


If you go down to the woods today, you'd better go in disguise!'

Jeeps aren't just for driving to shows, you can also dress up and play. At the Kemble show in 2008 a few of us  decided to go off into the woods to play. Here are a few photos........

Great fun while it lasted! - Kemble Show R.I.P.

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