Peugeot SX8 AR military motorcycle (1982)

If you've already got a French trailer to tow behind your M201 then you might consider something authentic to add up front!

The SX8 AR is a general purpose liaison / reconnaissance / assault all-terrain motorcycle used by the army during the 1980s.

SX8 with radio equipment  used in reconnaissance use with the 1er REC Foreign Legion

Technical Data

Unladen weight 99kg Max weight 265kg
Length 1.99m Width 0.88m
Height 1.1m Ground Clearance 0.31m
Front tyre 2.75 x 21 Rear tyre 3.00 x 18
Engine 79.6 cc Max rpm 7425
Bore 48 mm Stroke 44 mm
Fuel Petrol / oil Ratio 25:1
Gearbox 5 Speed Clutch 5 plate wet
Electrical system 6 volt Alternator output 30 watts
Battery 6 AH Type 6N6-3B


  My collection of French stuff began with the first M201 followed by a trailer and then one of these little bikes which I've had now for the past ten years or so.

The photo at the top of the page (found on the Internet) is a must for me to recreate with my jeep and bike next season.


Technical information:    Notice DescriptiveMAT 2746 Guide TechniqueMAT2746 Guide Technique (translated)