This section contains technical information relating to the M201 24 volt version that could be useful in maintaining and repairing your jeep.
Note: the voltage of the lead-acid batteries rise to about 28 volts when they are being charged by the dynamo hence the fact that most electrical components on the M201 are stamped with this figure.
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Data plates
Plaques d'instructions
  24v schematic diagram
schéma électrique 24v
  24 volt batteries
dynamo 24 volt   24 volt regulator
régulateur 24 volt
  24 volt starter
demarreur 24 volt
Solex carburettor   oil manometer
manomètre d'huile
  M201 data
Technical Manuals (GB)
by Jean-Louis Martin
  Manuels Techniques (F)
by Jean-Louis Martin